I was born on December 7, 1970, on the beautiful island of Chios in Greece. The first boy of a traditional Greek family, I realized early in my childhood that Exercise would play a huge role in my life.

Indeed, the career I have followed is in the Exercise field, and since college, everything about my job has revolved around that valuable field. I owned a fitness facility in Greece for more than 20 years, offering my best and changing the lives of thousands of people.

Life brought me to New York to receive more education and offer precious personal training in this huge metropolis, a city where Exercise and good health are taken seriously and appreciated even more.

As a restless spirit that always looks for new ways to improve people’s health, I am dedicated to changing the way everyone views Exercise.

Giorgos, teacher of Physical Education, Personal Trainer.


My journey in life begins on September 10, 1972, on the beautiful island of Chios in Greece. The second boy of a traditional Greek family, I was raised with the best values a kid could have for a successful life.

From my early years, I enjoyed sports and realized that the Exercise & Health field was my passion. My love for knowledge brought me to New York to receive more education and conquer the new world of opportunities that New York is still offering.

The knowledge and the experience from all my years in the Exercise & Health field have made me a healthier, but most importantly, a better person. Countless hours of study have paid off, teaching me to appreciate health & life.

That knowledge I am dedicated to giving all, despite the obstacles and the tough times along the path, combined with secrets and values that make our world a better place to live in.

Kosmas, teacher of Physical Education, Personal Trainer.


We have always been fascinated by anything beautiful in life, anything that can have a positive impact on the way we live, and by truths that are hard to find but change completely our world.

DIET 100%
LIFE 100%


A platform that allows us to start changing the world in our own discreet way. Exercise, Diet, Health & Life are all found here strong foundations to stand their ground for years to come.


Unsafe & fancy exercises, questionable systems, risky trends, and ways of impressing clients to make them stick to the trainer? No, EXERCISE IS LIFE focuses primarily and mainly on your safety.


For years, we have had a major goal achieved that has filled us with joy: In our way, with the help of a secret we cannot reveal, over 20 years, we have helped all our clients make exercise a way of life.


Truths and only truths are told by us, going often against the flow, even if that is not at all to our advantage. Truth always wins in every field, and the exercise field is not an exception.


We are among few only trainers who are totally against the consumption of any kind of supplements (only when there is a serious reason,) either for muscle growth, fat burning, or enhancing our health. We have never encouraged people to use supplements, but we instead promote a healthy way of life, which is completely natural, and free of all those supplements that are found in almost every fitness facility and every corner of each city. Such supplements put our health at risk by fooling us into believing they can give us amazing results without any peril. They are consumed because the marketing industry knows full well how to create needs, and therefore to promote products that no one actually needs.

In the chaos of the exercise, nutrition, and health industry, as well as the unjust world we live in where money is sadly above all, our mission is to set the standards for what normal and natural is, speak out about truths that people may not always want to hear, and offer reliable knowledge for being healthier, not only physiologically, but also psychologically and mentally. Our ultimate goal is to make all enjoy a meaningful & happier life. In short, through EXERCISE IS LIFE we lay the foundations for the real life we all have lost. In order to do so, we often go against the flow. We study, evaluate, question research that at times is conducted at the behest of the industry’s lobbies, and only then we offer valuable information for a better life. Good health and essential life values are our top priority, placed definitely above money. We are building a new world by laying its best foundations. The building materials for its completion are your will and action. Together we can make that happen.

When it comes to health, we are quick to criticize companies that use lots of harmful ingredients in their products, or we are furious with professionals who put money above all and don’t appreciate any life values. Sadly, the phrase “money above all” describes best the world we live in. In today’s world, authentic people are hard to find. How many times don’t we criticize all those who put money above all? No doubt, we do that numerous times, but should we? We shouldn’t do that until we answer the question we are asking you all below, and make sure we don’t share the same mindset with all those we criticize…

You have a smart idea of a unique product. You are about to launch it, and you will soon become a billionaire. There is a problem, a big dilemma. It is not healthy. From the use of that product, one person may die. Should you invest in that product or not? Every time we ask this question, people smile. Shortly after, “Of course…” “What if the person who will die is your son, daughter, mother, father, or your most beloved one?” Silence…

The above sad answer and the silence that follows leads to two conclusions: First, when wrong behavior involves others, we rush to judge them, but when it involves ourselves, we are quick to justify it and accept it. When given the chance, we do exactly what we criticize because money is sweeter than we think… Second, when bad things are to come to us, our families, or our loved ones, life has a huge value, but when bad things are to happen to others, life has no value… Maybe we should reconsider what the word “human” means. Shouldn’t we change its definition? Language evolves. The word “human” has no longer the original meaning. Once, we used to say “Human being, the smartest and more loving creature on earth…” Is it?

Our above question and its common answer make us understand why there is so much mess in this world. Let’s not take that question lightly. Let’s consider it. It is a question we all should ask ourselves when we first start working and earning our own money. The answer we give determines what we receive in life…

All can make a difference in life in many ways and paths. One of those ways is to choose a job we really love no matter the obstacles. Everything good and groundbreaking starts from a dream that many may say it is a pipe-dream. As long as we believe in it, let’s go for it… Let’s not do a hundred things in life, but just only one, the one we love. Let’s do it wholeheartedly, and the world will be a better place…


EXERCISE IS LIFE is only the beginning, our first step toward a healthier & more beautiful life. A Project in which we are involved will become public soon and will change the way we view Life. For now, start exercising and… smile at Greece!

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